• Ramiro Fauve

Madness To Creation - Interview

Editor’s Note:  Out of Argentina and now Woodland Hills, “artician” Ramiro Fauve sat down with Madness To Creation to discuss how he approaches his music as opposed to the canvas, his activism(major antiwar activist), personally knowing the legendary rapper Tupac Shakur through his artwork and his upcoming releases for “When Rivers Cross Vol. 1” and “When Rivers Cross Vol. 2”.  Chatting with people like Ramiro remind of the importance of being an artist and the liberation of being an artist.  You give the artist a palette, as many colors as he/she desires and liberate the artist to create their own masterpiece.  In the upcoming album, you can expect a mix of folk, pop, a touch of blues and some Americana in there.  Fans can find Ramiro Fauve at the following locations:

Read the full interview at Madness to Creation.

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